Book Yourself Solid

Buchen Sie sich solide

David Grant


Buchen Sie sich solide

Michael Port hit a home run with this book. From the start I was learning exactly what I needed to do to get more clients. His system not only works, but it makes sense and is easy to follow. Bonus: the book comes with a free pdf printout that allows you to work on personal development and sheds light on your potential challenges and successes. Some have claimed being turned off by Port plugging his private coaching practice and other services, but I appreciated it because it gave me an option to continue with his method on a more personalized level.

Another awesome benefit of this book is how Nina explains why the nutritional science we have is so flawed. The major reasons behind it will shock you and makes this book a thriller novel all by itself.

Book Yourself Solid


„There may be two simple reasons why you don’t serve as many clients as you’d to today. You either don’t know what to do to attract and secure more clients or you know what to do but you’re not actually doing it”.

“courage is not about being fearless—it’s about owning your fear and using it to move you forward, to give you strength.”

“Marketing and sales isn’t about trying to persuade, coerce, or manipulate people into buying your services. It’s about putting yourself out in front of, and offering your services to, those whom you are meant to serve—people who already need and are looking for your services”.

“If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye”.


Author: Michael Port
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Entertainment Value: 9/10
Life Value: 10/10
This Book is for: Anyone who is in a client-based, service providing field. Michael Port teaches you his amazing system that will increase your clientele and appointment bookings.

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